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We have pricing for custom cookies by the dozen, and per cookie. We can discuss which option best fits your needs. Below you will find a description and pricing of each. The prices below are the base prices and will be changed based on multiple factors (details, number of colors, airbrushing, presentation). To receive a personalized pricing quote, fill out our inquiry form or email us and we will email you with a quote after reviewing your order.


CUSTOM DOZEN: $40-50/dozen

Custom Dozens are made up of a variety of shapes/designs/sizes with up to 6 colors included. With a range of cookie sizes and designs, the custom dozen set is great for all event types, especially when the cookies will be displayed on a platter or arranged on a dessert table. One dozen minimum, one flavor per dozen ordered. 


Single designs are ideal for giveaways at a trade show, wedding favors or corporate events. If 30 people are coming to your event and you don't want to order 3 dozen, this allows you to order the exact number you need. One dozen minimum, one flavor per dozen ordered. 

MINI DOZENS:$30-40/dozen

Mini cookies are a cute way to add volume to an order. At 1-2 inches, the bite-sized cookies are the perfect addition to a custom dozen. These can only be ordered by the dozen, not as single cookies.

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